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When you’re planning a camping trip, the tent you decide on using invariably determines the success of your holiday. Even experienced campers can’t do without the protection and comfort a quality tent offers.

Your tent is a place of rest but also has to offer your protection from nature’s onslaught, whether it’s weather conditions or bugs. If your tent doesn’t live up to expectation, you might be left tired and frustrated. Choose the perfect tent for your specific needs so you’re sure of getting valuable sleep during your next outing.

Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent


Ease of use is vital when choosing your future home away from home. You’ll be happy to know this Sundome tent sets up with only two poles, so you won’t have hours of struggling to put it together. Let’s show you what else you have to look forward to.


  • You can easily bring light into your sleeping chamber by using the port designed to give campers access to an electric source. This is a safer and more dynamic way than running a cable through the doorway
  • The dimensions are 7’ x 5’. This is perfect for use by a couple or for children
  • The height is 48”. You won’t be able to stand up straight inside, but there’s ample room to move around without having to crawl
  • It folds up in a small 26” x 5” x 5” bag. This is small enough to easily find storage for during any type of trip


  • The tent is marketed as waterproof, but it does leak in steady rain conditions
  • The space inside is adequate for two people, but not for luggage as well. Make sure you plan ahead so you’re not caught off guard


This is a terrific inexpensive tent, which is perfect for occasional camping. The details, such as windows to watch the stars, complement every outdoor excursion. If you’re planning many trips in very cold or wet conditions however, you may need a sturdier option.

Marmot Crane 2 Person Tent


Marmot designed an amazing tent which would easily fit 2 people, and comes with many benefits. For individuals who attempt trips on their own, a 2-person tent is ideal so all your gear and valuables can be kept dry. However, if two people do take up all the space inside, there’s the handy gear loft included. You’ll be able to put some items there so it’s protected against the elements, but not in your way. What else can you expect from this Marmot product?


  • Marmot makes camping thoroughly enjoyable by ensuring its tents are easy to set up. This Crane tent can be erected by one person if circumstances call for it. This makes it the ideal companion for solitary campers as well
  • You’ll receive a footprint with your purchase, so your tent stays clean underneath and friction is minimized so there’s less chance of damage from stones under your tent
  • You’ll love the fact that it’s quite easy to get the tent back into its bag, so taking it home becomes as easy as setting it up.
  • It only weighs 5 lbs. You can easily carry this on your own if necessary. If you carry the footprint with the tent, it does become a bit heavier


It’s much more expensive than similar options. You do get a lot of benefits though, and you’re more protected against the elements in this tent than with cheaper options. If you’re planning on camping in extreme conditions, this expense is worth it.


This is a well-designed tent with some dynamic extra features that protect you and your tent. It also makes camping more fun. You’ll need to assess your budget before buying this Crane tent, but if purchased, you’ll love your new camping gear.

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 2 Tent


This 2-person tent is very decently priced and offers you some terrific camping benefits. When going camping, you don’t want to be burdened with a lot of weight and you may want to camp in all weather conditions.

Thanks to the design, this tent is quite light because parts of the tent are only mesh. These gaps are protected by the flycover though, so there’s no chance of water leaking in. What you do get via the mesh and vents is enough ventilation. This makes this tent a wise option in both cold and warm conditions, without forcing you to spend extra money, which you can rather apply towards other gear for your holiday. You’re sure to love camping in this structure.


The many extras are aimed at making camping a bit more luxurious and comfortable:

  • Storage pockets inside the tent
  • Gear loft
  • The vents can be opened or closed, depending on what the weather dictates
  • Your gear can be stored in the provided vestibules
  • This tent has two doors. This is quite unique for such a small tent, but it means both individuals can easily enter or exit, without disturbing the other party
  • The fiberglass structure is easy to assemble


At 46” the tent is slightly lower than other tents of similar design. This may be of concern to taller individuals.


This is another affordable option for your next camping trip and some of the features place this tent a step above the rest. Being able to enter from two sides instead of one may rank at the top of your priority list, since it’s quite difficult to crawl over someone getting to the door in small spaces. Relieve the tension and get this ALPS tent.


Camping can be a grueling activity if not done correctly and your 2-person tent must afford you the luxury necessary to get a restful night’s sleep. The ALPS Mountaineering tent is both affordable and practical. You’ll have enough space to sleep without putting your budget under pressure. Start enjoying the outdoors again by including this tent as part of your camping gear.


Tent FAQ

Q: How do I ensure a Tent is the right size for my adventure?

A: Generally speaking, you should go with a tent that’s bigger than what you need. Unless of course, you are going on a longer backpacking trip and weight becomes a very real issue. We recommend that a family of four use a tent that sleeps 6 or even 8 because we promise, you will be happy to have the extra space! See this article for an in-depth guide.

Q: Are tents expensive?

A: While there are some great deals to be had out there (like our ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 2-Person Tent recommendation), you typically get what you pay for. If you’re serious about a camping in comfort, don’t skimp on the right tent.


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