How to Choose the Best Camping Lantern

How to Choose the Best Camping Lantern

When going on a camping trip, there are various things that you need to carry including food, blankets, tents, and lighting among others. Lighting is one of the major factors that determine how your camping trip will turn out.

Although most people prefer using fire as the source of lighting and to keep them warm, it does not provide lighting in the tents and surrounding campsite.

In the past, most campers used fuel lanterns to provide light. These lanterns were bulky and heavy. They were also not designed to conserve energy and required frequent refilling. However, with the latest technology, most people prefer to use LED lanterns. This is because they are durable, save energy, are highly compatible and lightweight.

If you have been troubled with lighting a fuel lantern, then you don’t need to worry anymore since these the LED lanterns are designed in a way that you can easily light them with only a press of a button.

The amazing feature about lanterns is that you can place them on a higher place and offer illumination that covers a wider area. Not only do these lamps provide 3600 of flood lighting, but they are also energy savers.

The Various Types of Lantern

Gas-Powered Lanterns

Gas-powered lanterns provide more light but are bulky and occupy more space. There are two types of gas lanterns: liquid fuel and propane. Liquid fuel lanterns deliver more illumination but are the heaviest and most expensive. They also give you the option of adjusting the brightness.

However, they have the disadvantage of using fuel which could explode so you will need to keep pressurizing the gas. These lanterns are not easy to light.

Electric Lanterns

This lantern uses an electric power source to power the LED bulb. The lanterns can be powered using alkaline batteries, external power sources or rechargeable batteries. Most LED lanterns use alkaline batteries as a source of power. These lanterns come in a compatible size and are designed to save energy.

The electric lanterns are the most preferred lanterns since they are durable, long lasting, lightweight, and affordable. This makes them suitable to carry along when going camping. Moreover, these lanterns are simple to light.

Shopping Ideas

When shopping for a camping lantern, there are some factors that you should take into consideration such as:


Lumen is the amount of light that a lantern delivers and plays a big role in determining its suitability for use as a camping lamp. The higher the lumen, the brighter the illumination. The lumen of lanterns range from the 40s to the 700s, but most lanterns offer approximately a 150-350 lumen range.

If you are looking for a lantern to light a tent, then a lantern with 100 lumens will do the trick. On the other hand, if you need a lantern to light a tent area choose a lantern with approximately 200 lumens. To light up an entire campsite, you will require a lantern with 300 plus lumen.

Size and Weight

Owing to the fact that there are plenty of things that you need to carry when going camping, you will need a lantern that will not take up too much of your space. A lightweight lantern will require less effort, and you can easily carry it along.


Some lanterns use lithium batteries while other use alkaline batteries.  Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable which will save you the hassle of continuously buying batteries.

It is important to note that alkaline batteries will lose almost half their capacity when in temperatures below 20 degrees so when camping in low temperatures make sure to keep your batteries in your sleeping bag or in warmer places.

The Dos

  • Ensure the batteries fit in the battery compartment before buying a lantern
  • Buy a lantern that offers a wide variety from which you can choose
  • Choose a lantern that will suit your camping needs
  • Always go for a lightweight, compatible and water-resistant lantern

The Don’ts

  • Don’t go for looks over durability
  • Don’t leave your home without spare batteries
  • Don’t buy a lantern because it’s cheap. Choose quality


With the many different types of lanterns available, it is important to choose a lantern that will save money and that which will save energy. The best camping lanterns are made from a durable military grade material and are water resistant.

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