Top 3 Best Backpacking Packs

Here at Brighten Your Campsite, we absolutely love the outdoors! One of the most essential pieces of equipment for your next outdoor adventure is the backpack. We’ve scoured the web looking for the best backpacks in a variety of price ranges. 

A backpack is actually an ideal accessory for many life scenarios. You can place all your essentials into one pack, and since backpacks are usually durable and waterproof, your valuables won’t get damaged. You can use it for sport activities, as well as overnight business trips or holidays. With a wide range available on the market, you’re sure to find the best backpacking packs for your needs.

Experienced Backpackers already know this well but for those of you just getting started, keep in mind that if you’re planning on backpacking along hiking trails, your requirements may be slightly different than for everyday use. While hiking, your backpack is strapped to your body all day long, so comfort is a top priority, as well as space for all you may need along the way. We’ve outlined a few of our favorite packs below – ranging from everyday use to longer backpacking trips. Here are a few options you can consider, so you can purchase the ideal pack!





  Outlander Packable Handy Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack  $  4.7/5
   Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack  $  4.6/5
   Gregory Mountain Products Men’s Baltoro 75 Backpack  $$$  4.4/5

Outlander 20L/33L – A Durable and Lightweight Daypack

Price Point: $


Your first reaction is probably “Wait, this isn’t a backpacking pack!”. Well, yes you’d be correct – BUT hear us out on this. Further down this article we will get to the flagship backpacks but this one is absolutely perfect to bring along on your next outdoor adventure, too. It folds up into itself and therefore, can become incredibly small. It can be brought along for shorter walks, given to your kids or used in your tent as extra storage.  It’s also worth noting that it can be used for many other things besides camping and hiking. This is the perfect backpack to keep around for whenever you need to transport personal items. Each member of your family will find a style that suits them since a total of nine colors are available. Children can even use this for school purposes due to its modern design. Let’s discuss some of its features.


  • There are many compartments to use:
    • Large interior compartment
    • Interior security pocket for safekeeping of valuables
    • Outside zipper pockets
    • Side pockets spacious enough to contain a water bottle
  • The fabric is durable and water resistant
  • The manufacturers thought ahead and reinforced all stress points, so your bag will stay in excellent condition for a long time
  • When you’re not using it you can fold the bag into its inside pocket, so it takes up very little space
  • It’s inexpensively priced, while of reasonable quality


  • The 20L version is too small for most activities, as you can’t fit much into the main pouch
  • This backpack has no strap to go around your waist. If used during backpacking you may find it straining your back
  • This is not at all designed for long backpacking trips; however, it makes for a good second pack since it can be folded up


This is the ideal pack to use for short trips or daily personal use. This isn’t suitable for longer backpacking trips but could easily be used for shorter hikes. The fabric isn’t designed to handle the stress of the outdoors for long periods of time, and you’ll feel the strain of the pack across your shoulders and back after a few hours. However, it’s perfect to bring along as a secondary pack and it’s a great value. 


Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

Price Point: $


Here is the pack that we’d give the “Best Performance to Price” award to. You’ll love how this backpack enhances your next hiking trip. Everything about its design is focused on offering you features that are practical and even essential to hikers. Its design affords you with a comfortable experience, so you’ll be able to enjoy the hike even when carrying a heavy load. Are you ready for your next adventure?


  • A hiker carries a lot of different items, ranging from food to toiletries. You can use the extensive range of pockets to organize your items so you can easily get to them without unloading the whole bag.
  • You’ll love how comfortable the bag feels, thanks to the well-made straps. The strap features include:
    • Mesh to keep them breathable in hot conditions
    • Sponge padding for shock absorption and comfort
    • Strap adjustability
    • Chest strap to keep your pack from bouncing on your back
  • The 35L interior space offers you lots of room to store all your essentials
  • When you’re not hiking, you can store the pack inside its inner pocket to save space
  • Venture Pal offers you a lifetime warranty on this pack
  • The fabric is water resistant, so your food and accessories are safe, even in extreme weather conditions
  • You can choose from 9 different colors to get the one best suited to your style and personality


  • The 20” length is perfect for backpacking, but too large for everyday use
  • It has no belly strap. While this isn’t always necessary since it has a chest strap, this may not be a con for you. However, if you prefer this additional strap for longer excursions, you may not enjoy this bag


It’s easy to imagine your next hiking trip with this pack. You’ll love how many items you can take along and thanks to the layout of the pockets, organization is easy. Experienced and novice Backpackers alike will appreciate a pack like this one.  It is one of the best price to performance packs out there so, you can pick a few up for the whole family. 


Gregory Mountain Products Men’s Baltoro 75 Backpack

Price Point: $$$


When you’re serious about backpacking, this is the bag that should be a part of your outdoor equipment. On your next hiking trip, this pack will give you ample space for your essentials. Its comfort features ensures that your back and muscles are strained as little as possible. What more can you ask for?


  • The weight of the backpack is evenly dispersed, so it feels lighter than it actually is. This is done by:
    • Response A3 suspension
    • Swappable 3D hip belt
    • Shoulder harness
    • The LumbarTune feature offers support to the lower back. You can prevent strain and injury to your body by using this well-designed feature. You can also adjust the contouring so that it fits your body type
  • You’ll love the many pockets to store and organize items:
    • Two side-mounted zippered pockets
    • Front U-zip
    • Hip belt pocket
    • Bottle holster
    • External access to a sleeping bag compartment
  • Very high quality materials are used in this pack and it will last you a lifetime


  • This backpack needs to fit your height, so it’s essential you purchase the correct size. We recommend you try one on in a local store before buying. You can currently choose from three sizes if you were to purchase online – and your local store may not have the same variety so, try in store and buy online
  • Limited color variation. The navy blue, shadow black and spark red are all practical colors, but not very expressive. If you’re serious about your hiking, this shouldn’t matter too much though


This bag is very well designed, so it’s practical as well as comfortable. As long as you get one that fits your frame, you’ll love going on trips with this. The Gregory Mountain Products Men’s Baltoro 75 Backpack offers you everything you need for your next hiking trip. Try it out today.


Other Things to Consider

Backpacking is an enjoyable activity, but it calls for quality gear. If you’re using the wrong equipment, you’ll feel the strain on your body and your trips will suffer because of it. Take your time and pick what works best for you. We do advise that you prioritize a good backpack (and hiking shoes) over most other equipment because of how much abuse they will take. 

Getting the right size backpack is essential – this can turn a great pack into an awful (and painful) one. Some companies offer sizing charts, which can be helpful: Here’s a really good article by REI that gives a breakdown of how to ensure you get the right sized pack.

If you don’t know already, it will be worth you time to take a few minutes to learn how to properly pack the items you’re bringing along with you. This is especially true during long hikes and while using true backpacking gear. Here’s one of the better articles we suggest looking at.


Backpacking FAQ

Q: How do I ensure a backpack is the right size

A: There are a lot of factors involved to ensure you’ve got the right sized pack, especially if you are going on longer excursions through the wilderness. In general, you want the pack to rest comfortably on your shoulders and not hang too low down on your backside. See this article for an in-depth guide.

Q: Are backpacking packs expensive

A: While there are some great deals to be had out there (like our Venture Pal recommendation), you typically get what you pay for. If you’re serious about a backpacking trip, don’t skimp on the right pack.

Q: How heavy will a fully-loaded backpack be?

A: This is highly dependent on your body type and how conservative of a hiker you want to be. It can weigh anywhere from 10 pounds all the way up to 40 pounds depending on what you want/need to haul with you. Typically though, you want to carry no more than a third of your weight. Meaning, you want to carry less than that. So, the average person wants to keep their pack somewhere between 20 – 30 pounds.


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